I’m so thankful you’ve taken a few minutes out of your busy life to stop in – please, do stay a while! I hope when you leave, it won’t be forever and you’ll leave with resources in hand, and a feeling you too can find stillness in the chaos of your life. I hope you leave feeling confident you are the best person to teach your children the benefits and practice of and mindfulness whether by modelling it yourself or teaching them directly.

Being Still in Chaos is an educational blog centred on mindful living and education, specifically for busy families. I am passionate about my journey to be a more mindful parent, wife, teacher and citizen and I am just as passionate about sharing those insights and making mindful living more accessible to everyone who thinks they are “too busy”.

Having and teaching children has made me profoundly aware of a serious lack in our society. We are raising our kids in such a fast-paced, frenetic world without the skills to cope with even a moderately paced life. It seems as we have sped up, we have lost our ability to connect and be present.

These connection points with our children are their assurance that life will be ok, that we accept them, they belong and they can cope. When we are too busy to truly connect, the need for these skills can manifest in a myriad of unhealthy ways.

Now, more than ever, young children and teens are living with anxiety, fear, depression, chronic stress and PTSD from everyday situations that feel life-threatening to the child. Even more frightening, there is a growing number of children who are facing situations that actually are life-threatening, such as thoughts of suicide, influenced by mental health problems, major life changes, and social influences.

In this world of unlimited online access to information, trends, and people via smartphones, it’s hard to maintain the influence your child needs. But as a society, we are in the midst of a major crisis. As parents and educators, it’s up to us to help the next generation learn to cope with, and thrive in this new world.

It’s up to us to make a choice to slow down and connect meaningfully. Furthermore, it’s our responsibility to teach and model loving kindness and acceptance, true belonging and healthy coping strategies.

How do we do this when our lives are too busy and we feel overwhelmed? This is the reason behind Being Still in Chaos.

As a busy, working, homeschooling parent of 4, I know everyday life can seem to impede your ability to connect and be present. Likely, you are shuttling the kids from one thing to the next, putting out fires at work or between siblings. You have responsibilities to your family, work, friends, and community beyond what you can fulfill in any given week. Your ‘to-do’ list is never-ending. You are spent.

Within the Chaos, There Lies a Stillness

Research shows us that practicing mindfulness can affect our ability to cope with stress and it is one of the key strategies to living a more peaceful, richly connected life. Mindfulness is an ancient practice that benefits everyone, young, old and in between.

Being Still in Chaos is an educational resource for anyone with children in their lives. You’ll find tools and support for the following categories:

Mindful Parenting and Living - beingstillinchaos.com

Mindful Parenting and Living

This section contains resources to help you to:

✔️ Connect more meaningfully with your kids and spouse on a regular basis
✔️ Stop talking about being “too busy” as though it’s a badge of honour
✔️ Make space for those little moments of quality time (you’ll find ideas here for what to do in those little moments) 
✔️ Learn the basics of mindfulness and mindful parenting (and how they are different)
✔️ Integrate mindful parenting into your chaotic days (how a little pre-work can make enough space in your day for real meaningful, unrushed, connection)
✔️ Understand self-care as the foundation of mindful parenting
✔️ Create impactful self-care routines that stick
✔️ and much more…

Mindful Education - beingstillinchaos.com

Mindful Education

In this section you’ll find:

✔️ Ideas for teaching mindfulness through story, yoga, meditation, nature and everyday connections
✔️ Games, printables and other activities to help foster a growth mindset and mindfulness
✔️ Articles related to your role as a mindfulness educator who’s dedicated to teaching acceptance, belonging and healthy coping skills
✔️ Resources for integrating mindfulness into your school day and coping with your own daily stresses as a wife/mother/teacher/every other profession on the planet
✔️ General homeschooling information and encouragement for homeschooling moms. Homeschooling can be hard some days. On those days, I want to remind you that you can do this 
✔️ and much more… 

Together, We Can Do This

It’s time to step up and put an end to “too busy.” It’s time to slow down and learn how to become mindful. It’s time to teach the children in our lives we value them primarily by connecting with love, not stuff, and teaching them how to be mindful. Relationships over possessions. Right now instead of “maybe later” or “when I’m done [insert never-ending list of tasks here].”

Our future depends on what we teach our children to value. It always has.

If you are new to mindfulness, head over to my post How to Be Mindful Today and learn about different practices that can help you live more mindfully.

I hope you enjoy what you read and if you have questions or want to connect, please email me at sarah[at]beingstillinchaos[dot]com.