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But aren’t you a bit tired of saying “I’m busy” when someone asks how you’ve been?
Do you hear how often you’re saying “just a minute” or “Sorry, I’m busy” to your children?

Unconsciously, we are creating a new generation of busy adults, just waiting for the next best thing, unable to cope with now.


Yes, there’s chaos! There always will be with kids. But we can find the stillness. We can create it- and we need to. For our own sanity and for that of our children’s, let’s slow down.

Welcome to Being Still in Chaos.


How to Turn Around Mindless Parenting Days

I woke up still feeling tired. I was coming down with a cold, and I’d spent all morning trying to get my 4-month-old baby to nap….. unsuccessfully. I was dragging my feet on this morning, not that that was a change from any other morning since our fourth had been born, but this morning seemed worse. I was a zombie in a mother’s body.

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How to Be Mindful Today

Chances are, you’ve heard about mindfulness. It’s a popular word right now, being applied to almost anything and any environment. Parenting, eating, living, classrooms, offices. But what does it actually mean?

If you’ve been wondering, you’re not alone.

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Top 10 Mindful Parenting Books

What You’ll Find Inside: Looking for mindful parenting resources? Look no further. Some books may surprise you! am often sharing or lending out my favourite parenting books to friends or colleagues and so I wanted to put together a list of my Top...

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