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But aren’t you a bit tired of saying “I’m busy” when someone asks how you’ve been?
Do you hear how often you’re saying “just a minute” or “Sorry, I’m busy” to your children?

Unconsciously, we are creating a new generation of busy adults, just waiting for the next best thing, unable to cope with now.


Yes, there’s chaos! There always will be with kids. But we can find the stillness. We can create it- and we need to. For our own sanity and for that of our children’s, let’s slow down.

Welcome to Being Still in Chaos.


How to Fit in Self-Care as a Busy Mom: 7 Easy Ways

Fitting in self-care can be tricky as a busy mom. We make all kinds of excuses about why we’re “fine” and how someone else needs us more at the moment. We don’t have time to fit in self-care. Or do we? Find out how you can fit self-care into your day without adding more to your plate with these 7 simple tips.

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Why Self Care is the Secret to Good Parenting

What You'll Find Inside: Feeling exhausted and weighted down by the responsibilities of parenting? Inside you'll find out why a lack of self-care may be the missing piece to your parenting puzzle that keeps you from enjoying motherhood. Being a parent is tough. I...

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10 Often-Missed Signs That Your Kids Are Too Busy and What You Can Do About It

I was totally exhausted. Constantly scrambling, I felt stretched too thin by the constant driving, dinners-on-the-go and managing a packed family schedule. My ears were buzzing with the sound of my internal dialogue of “what’s next?” How was I supposed to cram in all these activities, and homework, as well as a smidge of family time? My daughter was anxious and seemed to be withdrawing. I was crestfallen. Had it all been for nothing?

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