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But aren’t you a bit tired of saying “I’m busy” when someone asks how you’ve been?
Do you hear how often you’re saying “just a minute” or “Sorry, I’m busy” to your children?

Unconsciously, we are creating a new generation of busy adults, just waiting for the next best thing, unable to cope with now.


Yes, there’s chaos! There always will be with kids. But we can find the stillness. We can create it- and we need to. For our own sanity and for that of our children’s, let’s slow down.

Welcome to Being Still in Chaos.


10 Often-Missed Signs That Your Kids Are Too Busy

I was totally exhausted. Constantly scrambling, I felt stretched too thin by the constant driving, dinners-on-the-go and managing a packed family schedule. My ears were buzzing with the sound of my internal dialogue of “what’s next?” How was I supposed to cram in all these activities, and homework, as well as a smidge of family time? My daughter was anxious and seemed to be withdrawing. I was crestfallen. Had it all been for nothing?

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Why My Fall Garden is the Best Mindfulness Teacher I’ve Ever Had

Fall, for many, signals a shift in our psyches, our bodies and our rhythms. As nature begins to ready itself for the coming winter, so too do we begin to quiet ourselves. All of these changes and hesitations towards change offer us deep lessons of the soul, if we choose to see the meaning in the seemingly mundane.

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This is Why We Chose to Homeschool

We all have different reasons for deciding to homeschool. For some moms, it’s what they grew up with. Others either had a bad experience in school themselves or with their own children. Still others have visions right from the beginning that they can do better than what’s available for education. This is our story.

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